How Many Teeth Do Dogs Have

How Many Teeth Do Dogs Have

The puppy’s owners always feel curious about their pets and think that how many teeth do dogs have when their puppies start growing. 42 and 28 are the numbers of teeth present in an adult and a puppy’s mouth respectively. The teeth set completes within six months.

It’s not wrong to say that dogs are the most favorite pet in all over the world. They play with human beings as a friend, protect the home like a guard, and give love like a family member. That’s why the owners of the dogs show deep concerns to their lovely pets and pay special attention to their teeth. How many teeth do dogs have is a frequently asked question of the puppy’s owner who feel excited to see their pet growing. If you want to know the answer to this question then the article is really worth reading for you.

How Many Teeth Do Dogs Have?

An adult dog has 42 teeth while a puppy, unlike human beings who have only 32 teeth as an adult. The puppy completes its teeth set within six months and the teeth are strong, sharp, and firmly entrenched in the jaws as well. After the birth, the puppies drink only mother’s milk, which requires no teeth in the initial age. As the puppy grows, the number of teeth also increases and gets stronger as well.

Type of Teeth Dogs Have

The dog’s teeth play an important role in defensive action and the set of teeth has four different types of teeth having their own characteristics. Incisors, canine, premolars, and molars are the four types of teeth, which we will discuss one by one and it will help you to know that how many teeth do dogs have.

Incisors: Dogs have 12 teeth of this category and they are used for picking and collecting things while in certain cases the dogs also use them in for the removal of fleas from the food. The incisors are present in the front of the mouth, six are at an above jaw while six are at the below jaw.

Canine: Canines are the most important category of dog’s teeth as they are used for the defensive purpose and plays a vital role in giving wound to the enemy. They are like fangs and are four in number. Other than fighting, dogs use them in tearing the meat and holding the things firmly.

Premolars: The dogs have eight premolars four on the left jaw and four on the right jaw. The dogs use these teeth for chewing and holding the things.

Molars: Molars are found behind the premolars and are ten in numbers. Dongs use them only for the tough works like breaking the bone into pieces.

Dental Diseases

Like human beings, dogs also have dental diseases and their treatment is also available. Tooth decay, cavities, and wounds in gums because of hard bones are some major dental issues associated with the dogs. It’s essential to handle these diseases instantly in order to save your loyal pet’s teeth getting infected. Canines are at higher risk because dogs use them the most.  The most common diseases  are gingivitis, halitosis, and mouth tumors while the periodontal and salivary cysts also demand attention. It’s necessary to brush your dog’s teeth regularly and visit the vet if you find bleeding or inflammation in the teeth.

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