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How To Download & Install Continuum Shaders in Minecraft

Microsoft's free Minecraft for Windows 10 giveaway ends at ...Now that you have Continuum Shaders downloaded, then go ahead and start the Minecraft launcher and play with the’Optifine’ version. When you are on the Minecraft main menu, then click on the’Options…’ button. You’re almost there. Now, simply click on the’Shaders Folder’ button at the bottom left of Minecraft, and a folder window will open up. You’re finally where you have to be.
The hardest portion of having Continuum Shaders set up is getting into the shaders folder.

When you’re there, it is really pretty straightforward. Just take the shaders package you downloaded in step two, this is quite likely in your’Downloads’ folder on your desktop computer, and transfer it into the’shaderpacks’ folder you just opened. Once you’ve completed this, closeout of the folder, and restart Minecraft. Be sure when you’re opening it back up you’re choosing the’Optifine’ version.

When you are back in Minecraft, redo step 3, but quit just before launching the’Shaders Folder’. You should see Continuum Shaders installed onto this screen. Click it, click’done’, and go play some Minecraft!

Step 1) Download & Install Optifine

Congratulations. At this point you know how to download & install Continuum Shaders from Minecraft. Honestly, the hardest portion of the whole process is getting to the Shaders Folder. As soon as you’ve done that, it’s drag and drop! If you do, nonetheless, have any difficulties download and install Continuum Shaders, comment below. We’re happy to help you in any way we could.

To be able to download Continuum Shaders, you want to visit their official website by clicking on the enormous yellowish download button over. Once you’re there, scroll the page down till you reach the very bottom where you will find that a’Continuum Downloads’ button. Click that, and you will be taken to a page that has 4 different download choices. You need to click the download button beneath Continuum 2.0. Whenever you do, your download will start immediately!

Step 2) Download Continuum Shaders

Continuum Shaders isn’t technically a mod; it is a graphics package that is installed in a very similar manner to texture packs. The thing is, however, shader packs aren’t supported by vanilla Minecraft. You need to install Optifine in order to get them running and up. Lucky for you, we’ve got a comprehensive tutorial on downloading and installing Optifine that you may find by clicking on the link below!

If you wish to understand how to download and install Continuum Shaders in Minecraft, this is the perfect article for you. We show you just how to get the Continuum Shaders package added to Minextract using Optifine so as to let you start employing this extraordinary shaders package.

What is Continuum Shaders? Well, it’s a shaders pack for Minecraft with a white/blue look in the summertime, strong night lighting, and quite bright interiors. It’s an amazing shaders package, so let’s go ahead and add Continuum Shaders into Minecraft!

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